We here at the New Wax Podcast are very pleased to bring you this one on one interview with the amazing Brother Ali!


Carl and Luppy sat down with Brother Ali and they talked hip-hip, Islam, and Dr. Cornel West. You can hear all the amazing things that Brother Ali is doing to help his community, like his work with Occupy Homes. At the end of the podcast Carl and Luppy have to look at themselves and wonder…Just how lazy are we??

So have a listen and leave your comments! You will not be disappointed!

For more on Brother Ali you can click here to check out his website

The song at the end of the podcast is “Work Everyday” which you can get on iTunes


Season 2 is HERE! Stay Hi! (or Keep it Spinning!)


In the long awaited season opener of the New Wax Podcast ( @NewWax ) Joe ( @JoeJoeKeys ), Luppy (@Luppy1), and Carl ( @BCDodge_me ) sit down to talk about how smart Google can make you look, The Return of The Mac, Pink Floyd, and the TomTom Club…Oh ya they also talk about Amanda Ashley and Man on Earth.

Hope you enjoy…please leave your comments below!

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