Season 2 is HERE! Stay Hi! (or Keep it Spinning!)


In the long awaited season opener of the New Wax Podcast ( @NewWax ) Joe ( @JoeJoeKeys ), Luppy (@Luppy1), and Carl ( @BCDodge_me ) sit down to talk about how smart Google can make you look, The Return of The Mac, Pink Floyd, and the TomTom Club…Oh ya they also talk about Amanda Ashley and Man on Earth.

Hope you enjoy…please leave your comments below!

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Season #2?


Ok, so by now some of you are looking for tonight’s new show…well…

It ain’t here!

Joe, Luppy, and I had a little meeting and we thought that maybe it was time to take a little break.

We can use this time to revamp the web site, upgrade some aspects of the podcast, get a little rest…so we can come back strong with some awesome new podcasts with some awesome new artists.

And that is where it is!

Stay tuned to see what we do when we come back with Season #2…

What would you like to see happen?

Leave your comments below to let us know your thoughts.