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**SPECIAL EDITION** Brother Ali here at the New Wax Podcast are very pleased to bring you this one on one interview with the amazing Brother Ali! Carl and Luppy sat down with Brother Ali and they talked hip-hip, Islam, and Dr. Cornel West. You can hear all the amazing things that Brother Ali is doing to … Continue reading

Season 2 is HERE! Stay Hi! (or Keep it Spinning!) In the long awaited season opener of the New Wax Podcast ( @NewWax ) Joe ( @JoeJoeKeys ), Luppy (@Luppy1), and Carl ( @BCDodge_me ) sit down to talk about how smart Google can make you look, The Return of The Mac, Pink Floyd, and the TomTom Club…Oh ya they also talk about Amanda Ashley and Man on … Continue reading

Season #2?

Ok, so by now some of you are looking for tonight’s new show…well… It ain’t here! Joe, Luppy, and I had a little meeting and we thought that maybe it was time to take a little break. We can use this time to revamp the web site, upgrade some aspects of the … Continue reading

Cyber Pickin’ is the New Wax Podcast! Brought to you in part by, make sure to check out the promos we are running! Tonight we talk about Dickies Blint’s Art, with no straws! Luppy gives us an update on Living Luppy and we talk about Whole Paycheck and how it can leave … Continue reading

Who is Peter Parker & What Is In His Bag??    NEW LOGO!! This week we are joined by Tim from The Surfing Aliens Podcast. Which is oddly seems to raise the level of the show a little…but don’t worry Luppy quickly brings the show back around. While doing that he gives us on update on “Living Luppy.” Tim … Continue reading

I don’t know…I am Danny! for listening to this episode of New Wax! Brought to you in part by, make sure to check out all our deals! As we open our show we learn that Joe is Gassy, but Luppy is good! We get some tips on food from our own Luppy, than … Continue reading

PodCast featuring ORIGINAL music.


JoeJoeKeys writes original music. JoeJoe has been playing piano since the age of 12 and was classically trained. Joe attended Greenville College while pursuing a degree in music but quit after 2 years to perform and tour with the group LP Outsiders which he was with for over 5 years.


Luppy (real name "Chris Swan") has been in the music game since the age of 12. Residing in St. Louis MO, being a singer, rapper, piano player, trumpet player and writer brought along may opportunities. This all progressed into numerous bands and projects before he started the LP Outsiders in college (where he studied piano performance).


This my little corner of the web that I have made for shameless self promotion (a.k.a. narcissism). If you see something that you like, or you want to know more please feel free to click the “Contact Me” button up top

Luped Up Records

Luped Up Records is a recording company based out of St. Louis Missouri, but our reach is worldwide. The label was founded in 1995 as an avenue to help promote the band LP Outsiders​. Since then, LUR has grown and signed more artists, while remaining small enough to be able to deliver focus and proper attention to each of it’s signed acts.
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