Who is Peter Parker & What Is In His Bag??





This week we are joined by Tim from The Surfing Aliens Podcast.

js3h6p36509qxwxo7fsvWhich is oddly seems to raise the level of the show a little…but don’t worry Luppy quickly brings the show back around. While doing that he gives us on update on “Living Luppy.”

Tim tells us about his podcast and The Pop Culture Playoffs! We lose Joe when we start talking about Mayday Parker.

Joe than offers the concept that McDonalds is better in the country, than in the city, and Luppy agrees. What are your thoughts on this?

We sound smart as we talk about music in schools. Tonight we roll out our new art from Dickies Bint’s Art, and how about some New Wax swag? 

And than Luppy asks for some kind of straws…will someone help him!



Our first band of the night is the Crystal Seagulls. The Crystal Seagulls are a new London-based four piece Brit Rock band whosemusic holds a mixture of the infectious sounds of the Sixties, the swagger of the Nineties whilst simultaneously paving the way for a whole new style of music. Check them out on Sound Cloud to hear more.

Than we cover the songwriter, actress, singer and model from Brooklyn, NY Tamara Bubble. Tamara writes and performs everything from Dance to Hip Hop, blending elements of Jazz and Soul. Debut album “Unleashed” is now available. For bookings and interviews, please contact Pspell Management: 646.730.8691 or pspellmgmt@gmail.com My Photographer (1)

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