I don’t know…I am Danny!

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As we open our show we learn that Joe is Gassy, but Luppy is good!
We get some tips on food from our own Luppy, than he cooks some Chinese food.G6This of course leads us to talk Grocery Stores…what?

Than we cover our first artist of the night…G6!He is a 24 year old rapper from Florida, with his new hit single and platinum artist pleasure p it is going viral ontwitter,youtube,any blog. It is currently #1 on rêverbnation…and ladies love it!

And for those that don’t know..Joe is now a smart phone owner
It also seems Joe has a new project with Odds Lane, so stay tuned for more on that!

Than we talk about Dragon aka Sean S.

Lawrence Sean Sibanda, also known as Dragg, or Sean S, is an up and coming hip hop/rap artist based in Kingston Upon Hull United Kingdom since February 2006. He was born in October 26th 1993 in the City of Johannesburg South Africa. While still in 2012 June Dragg pichis home town, he had a serious illness which was mistaken for malaria due to the symptoms being similar at the early stages. The wrong medication was prescribed to him for 2 months when the doctors discovered he had meningitis, it was too late this resulted in the complete loss of his vision and partial hearing loss in his left ear.

Dragg, aka Sean S, had been rapping since the age of 12 and was majorly influenced by West Coast rapper, The Game. He is inspired by producers such as Ryan Lesley, Timbaland, Dr Dre, Rza, Swiss Beats, Scot Stotch.

And finally…Luppy figures out how to sign off!!




I See Something In My Music…What! What!

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To start the show Luppy gives us a Living Luppy update and he tell’s how he is “Large and in Charge,” I mean if that is still a current phrase. Luppy gives us some stress eating tips!

Luppy talks about his new addition to spotify,while Joe tells us why he uses rhapsody
And we ask the all time important question: Is Lars Ulrich a tool?

We then have earth shattering news that Luppy has NEVER had Egg Nog!

If you have been following Joe and his journey with “Piggy,” you can now get it on iTunes! But, you can also get  your copy at joejoekeys.com

Carl announces that he is doing  the 24hr podcast with Geek News Central, the money raised on this show will go to the Wounded Worrier Project

We also learn that Joe really likes his Egg Nog!

We cover our first act which is DJ Flower Dove, and you can learn more about her here.

Oh Crap! It seems Luppy still looking looking for Sheba Shane’s Number!! Anyone?

The next act we cover is Roar Shark ( and I think Luppy might have Tourette syndrome)

Roar Shark has been delivering wave-crashing, treble-soaked, reverb-drenched Instrumental Surf to the fine people of Rochester, NY since October 2009. Have reverb, will travel! …just don’t expect them to sing.

After listening to this band and talking with Joe, we wonder is Rochester, NY the next hot music scene?

So with that, we are calling on all the band in the Rochester area to submit their music, Can New Wax do an all Rochester show?

So submit your music today!