I Can Play Whatever I Want

This is my new tune. It’s about how I can write, play and sing all my own music so I can literally, “Play Whatever I Want.” When I write music I try not to censor myself that much, meaning that I just ride the creative flow of energy that is coming from within.  Sounds new age I know, but that is really how I feel when I sit down and start writing to a tune.  Sometimes I sit down and nothing comes out, but sometimes….ah sometimes….it’s like I’ve tapped into some sort of musical energy and whatever comes out, comes out…It’s quite magical when it happens.  This is one of those tunes.  Whether it’s good or not, you be the judge, but it is a perfect representation of where I was(figuratively and musically speaking) on Thursday June 7 2012 between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  Enjoy!

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